Macarons 狂熱


Extract from facebook:

第一次試Jean-Paul Hevin既Macarons, $20/piece, 比LGB貴. 味道OK, 不過質地La Maison會比較Chewing, 佢就上下唔同顏色, Chocolate味有crispy almonds, 比較特別. 講抵食, 香港暫時都係LGB!

~ 送十個 like 比你呀!!! 好想食…

~ 我都覺LGB very good!Jean-Paul 非常一般!

~ La Maison du chocolate 都唔錯, 大家食悶LGB可以試下

~ Sorry to jump in but your macarons just caught me : P
Just want to share with you that there is one called Antique in Central. They are doing very good macarons as well. Worth trying!!

~ 係呀, 我有去過Antique, 間shop好靚, 勁似法國Ladurée, 我好鍾意個環境呀. 試個佢地既Macarons (2 pieces only), 唔知係咪香港做呢, 如果係可以去到咁既水準就真係好唔錯. Yes Yes, you are right, Worth Trying!

~ Apart from macarons, Cakes in Laduree are very good too. I like the mont-blanc the most.

~ 係呀, 我都好掛住巴黎間Laduree, 唔知香港幾時開? 如果唔係最近都要去日本先有! mont blanc cake 係點?

~ 咁我都要去Antique試下先~

~ 新開既Paul Lafayet既macarons又值唔值得試呢?!

~ A bit surprised to know macarons are so popular in HK!

~ Paul Lafayet的macaron普通啦,我鍾意LGB多d,款又多.
但係Paul Lafayet其他野好good喎.


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