My new audiophile

Maybe due to my brother affecting me (who brings me lots of different types of music since growth), I like any music, e.g. classical, jazz, pop, oldies, whatever types of music. Good music should have a good sound system to present. I always hope to have a better audio equipements for better experience, with my new home available, it’s a right time to complete my dream.

With limited budget and not high requirement, (understood audiophile could be crazily expensive), finally choose the CambridgeAudio amplifier with KEF bookshelf speaker, totally British style and sound. Soft (a bit sleepy) but I like such style.

Cannot wait new home to move in, I bought and ship to Mei Foo, finally leading to a big argue with my mum. Sorry, mum!

CA ampkef
me and kef


3 Responses to “My new audiophile”

  1. 1 lp June 4, 2007 at 10:13 pm

    Everything should be settled very soon, give you and her some more time.

  2. 2 Dick Ma June 7, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    As Rebeccak and Dow will get marry soon…You both may have an opportunity to take wedding photos before and after wedding. Here I would like to provide some tips for both of you when taking photos.

    For the groom:

    1. Please prepare a pair of glasses with the frame only (no lens) or please try the contact lens (If you are handsome enough LOL) when taking photo. Because lens will reflect the environment and flash and spoil the photo.

    2. For your suit, use handkerchief instead of flowers for you accessories, if you really want flower decoration, adopt a simple design like one rose with some leaves.

    3. Practice on how to smile, if the teeth are not neat, and white enough, fix them. and usually try to show a proper smile with the upper row of teeth. and Please keep eyes open when you smile

    For the bride:
    1. No sparkling powder foundation for make-up, if you shoot needs to open the flash light.

    2. Apply make-up is not for the face only, watch out your neck and chest area.

    3. When wearing gown, try practice posing as well, For no sleeve gowns, usually push your shoulder backward, chest and waist push forward(with your hands assist you may be), and hips push backward to create curves.

    Weather (Outdoor):
    Please choose a good sunny day for your photoshoot, please avoid cloudy, and foggy weather because the photos will be lack of hue and contrast. If you need photoshoot on those weather, please bring a light reflex board to assist your shooting.

    1. If your photographer give you no direction on posing, facial expressions or eye contacts, just fired him.
    2. Please watch out WHERE IS THE CAMERA POSITION, keep your eyes stare into the lens. If both of your eyes are staring to each other, please align yourself that your both still facing the camera.
    3. For couple shoot, Avoid standing far apart from your partner with no body contact.
    4. Just smile, no mad.
    5. Usually no fancy photo filters or lens effects during shooting, no motion blur or limited use for DOF.

    And the rest of the work is rely on the photographer…..God bless you to have a good photographer, haha.

    Photo Retouching.
    Well usually about 70% to 80% of photos can be adopted if follow the above guides, just Photo retouching can be done slightly. Remember Photo retouching service is really expensive.

  3. 3 Dow June 8, 2007 at 10:01 am

    Thanks a lot for your advice, it is useful, Dick!

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