Dow Technologies ?! MM’s dinner

If you know me during my University time, you should hear about “Dow Technologies”. Yes, this is my first business and company setting up when I was around 19 years old. Be honest, the major reason to setup is to find “quick $$” during the “technology bubble”.

Our major business is to do web design and programming, another is to join web design competition. We earn several prizes in public competitions, that’s the first time I feel what is so important to a team and project management.

After 3 years across the bubble, build over 10 websites, $$ cannot earn much, but the main achievement is to have a very nice team and friends, all of them are professionals now. They are Derek (Senior IT people), MM (good artwork and creative girl), Dick (3D Expert). Of course, there are still so many members responsible for sales and marketing, etc.

MM lived in many cities in Europe: Germany, Spain, etc. who finally found her Mr. right in Spain. Get married in Spain and we have a dinner last weekend, it is a very happy memory 🙂

Me, MM, Tristan
Dow Technologies


1 Response to “Dow Technologies ?! MM’s dinner”

  1. 1 MM June 1, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Nice to see the photos. Yr cam is good quality!

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