New season of Japanese TV drama

In Japan, TV drama programme is being changed for every season. Among 5 different popular TV stations, more than 15 new drama released in the same month. I usually would choose thes best 3-4 to see every season. My criteria to choose is usually on the main actress, like Ueto Aya must see, or the story related to love or some other funny things like cooking, etc.

With my 4 years experience in seeing so many Japanese dramas, the first chapter is already enough to determine if the drama is nice to watch or not. Here are my recommendations for this season:

水 10:バンビ~ノ!
劇 名:Bambino!

Ueto Aya
木 9:ホテリアー(仮)
劇 名:情定大飯店
首 播:2007-04

Japanese Drama
日 9:冗談じゃない!
劇 名:不是开玩笑!
首 播:2007-04

火 9:花嫁とパパ
劇 名:新娘和爸爸
首 播:2007-04-10


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