Sony is the best TV!?

My mum likes and has feeling to everything at my home, especially my home SONY TV. Since last year, the TV is very sick, and I have certified as cancer. (No sound or sudden very big sound, noise is everywhere, etc.)

Finally I bought the new LG LCD TV 32′ to my mum. It costs around $6K. I think the price is reasonable especially my mum never understand what is HDMI, 1080p or PIP features. However, my mum non-stop scolding me why I don’t choose back SONY. She said “SONY is the best!” (mainly because the old TV is SONY)

SONY really that good?! From my experience, every brand to me is the same, it will not have any problem during warranty period, but will die after the first day of warranty expiry date. Think so?! Anyway, I hope I could work in SONY one day, must every year got bonus…huh?! Anyway, my Wii + LG + my new Spongebob game, that’s perfect for me!

LG + Wii
LG LCD TV + Wii (Cooking Ma Ma)


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